Welcome to Golden Hour

Welcome to Golden Hour

Episode 1 - Who Are We as Canadians?
Premiering 8:00 PM EST, April 1, 2021
The first episode of Golden Hour, curated by Luminato Artist in Residence Travis Knights, introduces the question “Who are we as Canadians?” and challenges mythologies of Canadian culture. Presented through the lens of local artists, Golden Hour invites these creative minds to answer, “Who are we?” by revealing their lives, rituals, and art.    
Golden Hour is an artist-curated program dedicated to the magic that occurs between people, ideas, and forms of expression. Presented digitally throughout the year, for both local audiences and those around the globe, Golden Hour weaves together the art, dance, music, and stories that reveal the creative heart of Canada.

Available On-Demand until May 1, 2021. Click here to watch.

Dian Marie Bridge, Creative Director

Pip Bradford, Producer

Wilson Lin, Film Director and Editor